Tuesday, February 20

Some final (?) thoughts on Spartacus

Just a couple last minute thoughts on Shakespeare's Sister and the support the blogosphere showed her last week.

1. Drifty had a great idea. He's amazing.

2. I emailed a whole buncha bloggers about that idea, and it snowballed from there. The only reason I mention this is that if you are a blogger, and you are not on my email list of "fellow bloggers," feel free to email me at bluegalsblog AT gmail . (If you want to be off the list, email me there too.) I don't pimp my own posts through that list, but I do send out stuff that I think other bloggers will want to know, like the Spartacus idea.

3. As of this writing, there are 1,135 mentions of Spartacus on Google Blog Search in the past week. Nearly all of them are in support of Melissa.

I want to grow old with you people. Seriously. Cue "Let's Stay Together":

I know some bloggers are starting over with their blogrolls. Feh. I've never discovered and added to my blogroll so many fine writers. Welcome to the party.

4. In spite of all the crap she has had to deal with this year, Melissa took the time to link to the Spartacuses who posted comments at her blog.

That shows what kind of person she is.

UPDATE: Ooh! I just got my "I am Spartacus" Pink Petulance T-shirt in the mail! I'm gonna hafta shrink it by Friday night, so my nips will out-perky Konagod's.


  1. hi, i hadn't heard about the google idea, great one.

  2. Yeah, this whole thing is serious, but when we do change the world, I'd like us to all stay in touch. I know I ain't going nowhere as long a Bush is rich and free.

  3. That figures. All along, I was doin' the google for "I am Theseus"...

  4. TONI CHILDS! Man, where has she been?

  5. i just googled it. wow!

    i hope it makes them feel a little bit better over at shakespeare's sis.

  6. I'm gonna hafta shrink it by Friday night, so my nips will out-perky Konagod's.

    I think we've just found our new party game for next week's Virtual Pub. :D

  7. I'm gonna hafta shrink it by Friday night, so my nips will out-perky Konagod's.

    At the risk of... ah what the hell.

    You keep adding good ideas on top of good ideas. :)

    Have fun with it! (I would offer my newly modified dryer but it might shrink it TOO much.) (Apparently I did a "Tim Allen" on the heating element.)

  8. The only thing I can add is ... Yikes!


  9. Is there a more macho "I am Spartacus" tee out there? Maybe one with a picture of Kirk Douglas's big square jaw.

  10. plenty. Just search at cafepress.com for Spartacus.

  11. "I'm gonna hafta shrink it by Friday night, so my nips will out-perky Konagod's."

    MEMO TO SELF: Don't drink while reading anything Blue writes. Either that, or get Dr. Pepper and bourbon-proof keyboard.

  12. Quakerdave

    I think it was Tito on percussion and Melissa Etheridge as back up.

  13. The sheer volume of interest in a nipple-perkiness contest between you and Konagod leads one to believe that this could become a national news event.

    Perhaps they can fit this "perk-olating" story in between other important stories like the balding Britney Spears or Judge Larry Seidlin's 15 seconds of scorn and infamy.

    I quite enjoyed the musical number that you provided. Might I also suggest another possibly appropriate tune, a personal favorite of Sleestak, the timeless song "Let's Get Together" as sung by Hayley Mills and of course, Hayley Mills.


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