Wednesday, June 24

Dear Mrs. Sanford,

Update: of course now that we all know that startling revelation, nothing below changes one bit. There is an amazing ability for Southern Baptist Republicans to forgive a weakness like this, unless of course, the man's name is Clinton. That's the double standard Sarah Palin never discusses...

I could go on all day telling you what I think of a husband goes on an overseas pleasure trip to get away from the kids and clear his head. Really, I could. All day long.

To his credit, my ex (yeah, there's a hint) always let me know his itinerary. And disappearing Father's Day Weekend to drive along the Argentinian coast? Well that does make your situation an extra special case. Not to mention, my ex would never EVER desert his employer like yours did with the State of South Carolina and its Lieutenant Governor, gubernatorial staff, and legislature. Something tells me there's a line behind you of fellow dope-slappers, but they all want you to go first and take all the time you need.

Regardless of what unfolds in terms of information, one of two things must be true: either he didn't tell you where he was going and when he'd return, or he did and he asked you to lie FOR him. And you've got four kids with this guy. Oh honey.

Good luck.

PS. A year later my kids love their dad and have lots of time with him. I'm glad of that.

PSS. I'm proud of you, Mrs. Sanford, for not doing the loyal wife bit at the press conference. Finally.


  1. I just knew you were a great Mom, BG!

    You are my ideal (if I could start all over - tee hee).

    Rock on!


  2. Not having his long suffering wife at his side as he fesses up was a relief. I'm hoping he begged her to stand by his side, and that she had the self respect to say something like "F*ck You, you lying bastard. You made this bed and I won't lie in it with you."

  3. tambarl4:35 PM

    Now wait a minute...y'all. :o)

    At Mark's press-denouement, I believe I heard Ms. Sanford standing off to the side, humming "Stand By Your Man", as the guv was alternating (ricocheting?) between thoughtul life-philosophy and depthless self-pity.

    For all we know, he might have wanted to take some tango lessons from the real pros in the City of Good Airs, and come back and surprise her with his new-found ability at romantic dancing. We shouldn't jump to conclusions about this. Don't forget the S.C. twin mottoes:

    "Animus Opibusque Parati"

    ("Prepared in mind and resources"...and let's not hear any smart-assed questions about how to say "Going off half-cocked!", in Latin.)

    And: "Spiro dum Spero".

    ("While I breathe, I hope"...or:

    "As long as they don't kick me out of the governor's mansion, I'm good to go!!")

  4. Uh, Argentina is right next to Paraguay.
    For those unfamiliar with the "Paraguay" reference, try "searching" Bush+Paraguay. I'll getcha started with the first googlesearch link entitled:
    Bush Family Paraguay Hideaway Update

  5. I hope I'm not alone in hoping they don't reconcile. They do have four children together, but she deserves much better than this.

  6. These religious right people-I don't get them at all. I have tried, but I can't. They are a lot of them, including this loser who are hypocritical cowards.
    I would have a little more respect for this guy if he would have been honest and told his wife-he's not happy; he wants to divorce/separate, etc. and then did what he did. Of course,these people have to "look" Christian and not divorce, and that looks bad for 2012 etc.

  7. Glad she gave him the boot, or trial separation as she calls it. I'd say you're outta here till the AIDS/HIV STD labwork comes back negative pal.
    I'm thinking Daddy's photo is now on the family room dart board.
    Can you imagine how pissed off those 4 kids must be?
    Your Dad's steamy love letters posted publicly for all to read.
    I made my Dad custom macaroni art, and all I got was abandoned & public humiliation by my Dad having an affair with a Latina woman.

    But hey! He voted Yes on having the 10 Commandments publicly displayed & for English as the National Language. .... all the while having Spanish somethings whispered in his ear.

    If I did not show up for work for a week, my ass would be fired. His ass should be fired.

    Find yourself a very good lawyer, Mrs. Sanford.

  8. Right on! I'm still waiting for the other shoe to drop, that "Maria" is really "Mario!"


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