Monday, June 29

I'm sorry, Mister Orwell has turned off his pager.

We need a corrolary to Godwin's Law of Nazi analogies, related to bringing up George Orwell every time some so-called 'journalist' uses language to push a right-wing political agenda.

It's just too cheap and easy for Lefty bloggers to use Animal Farm to write about this stuff, but still, I've had two powerful examples of Right Wing Corporate Media Wackitude thrown at me in the past 24 hours. This morning this new MSNBC Morning Joe followup dickwad Dylan Ratigan, renames President Kennedy's Executive Order 10925 (sorry to be so specific, Dylan).

You have to watch this to believe it. Dylan Ratigan uses his newfound MSNBC podium to rename Affirmative Action, reverse racism. How very Rush of you, Mister Ratigan.

But ahem, I'm impressed that the black guy and the Hispanic woman on your show had training on how to stay civil on the air, I would not have waited 'til almost commercial break to whisper "you're a dick" to your face. Notice they also set you straight on your nomenclature.

Watching Dylan Ratigan I initially thought, God, this guy's background must be either former NFL sportscaster or a big bizness fluffer from CNBC. But after a few minutes you could smell his Wall Street smegma-breath through the screen: he's a co-creator of the Dow Industrial Whore House "Fast Money." Nuff said.


The other example is from perhaps the worst article on paper I have ever read. Time Magazine's two-pager on "An Enduring New Deal: A look at how FDR's programs have shaped today's society." I usually wouldn't waste the scroll down space on naming the authors of this travesty, but Eric Dodds and Rebecca Kaplan deserve a piece of Orwell pie with two forks for this utter crapola.

Instead of pointing out that what the New Deal did, germane to, um, TODAY, is regulate unchecked capitalism, this 'article' uses one sentence word salad bites to indicate just how different everything is today. The most glaring example is here:

Social Security Today:

With baby boomers approaching retirement, the Social Security trust fund is running low. Obama's challenge: to maintain an overburdened system without privatizing it.


Somehow I don't think President Obama, or anyone else with the political will to not get bulldozed out of office by every voter over the age of 40, is thinking about the Bush 'privatization of Social Security' model. I can just as easily see Obama suggesting we give the problem to Bernie Madoff so he'll have something to do in prison.

Gee, with journalism like Time Magazine, doncha just wonder why 'journalists' get huffy when bloggers call them on their bullshit?



  2. i always say i can't be amazed at the stupid out there anymore -

    and then i am once more.

    i fear for the ablity of people to think.

  3. Anonymous6:18 PM

    Actually Dylan was very critical of the financial power establishment. During the meltdown last years he was one of the only CNBC commentator who was calling the Masters of the Universe thieves.

    He's loud because his show on CNBC revolved around real traders in the markets and they spend a lot of time screaming into headphones all day long.

    I haven't seen his show which I understand debuted this morning. You need to find out who the producers of the show are to really know what the format will be. The use of words such as "reverse discrimination" may have been intentional to evoke the repose from the minority guest.

    Reality shows are scripted so are all talk format shows. But you want to make noise when you first air, so you need to make very provocative statements. It's all about drawing in the new audience.

    I have a cousin in the TV/Film business and she talks about designing formats all the time.

    Not saying your fist impression is wrong, but remember it's show business first, news second


  4. Nice job, BG. Keep calling them on it loud and clear.

    And I think your fist impression was dead on.


    Not saying your fist impression is wrong, but remember it's show business first, news second

  5. Really, "reverse racism"? He pulled that card out and was serious? I loved how he antagonized the two *others* on the show. I can't even comment on the rest it was so horrid and off base.

  6. "reverse discrimination"
    or "reverse intelligence", You decide....

  7. smegma breath? oh lordy, better not none of them baddies ever get into a verbal tiff wif our bg!!!!

  8. Gah. Well done, BG. Those are atrocious.

    Ratigan sounds just like every libertarian dimwit in the dorm freshman year.


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