Wednesday, June 3

Euclid alone has Hello Kitty's stare

Let all who knit this Kitty hold their peace,
And lay them prone upon the earth and cease
Their own hold upon their yarn, and while they compare
cuteness, confiscate their stash and where
Were wools in skein and cone; let sheep
Rise up and yield no fiber for those peeps
who dare knit a Hello Kitty for a victim's wear.

O blinding hour, O holy, terrible day,
When needle first struck yarn to knit a kitty!
Wearing such is not cute, ironic, witty,
Or proper flaunting of le Perez Hilton gay.
And the knitting of such saccharin schmaltz is shitty.

Perhaps in writing this I am too brave.
I assure you Edna's rolling in her grave.
And since her poems are fine, and this is tripe,
I'll admit my bad verse sucks this tailpipe:

tailpipe courtesy Zaius.


  1. hah! witty/shitty, and tripe/tailpipe, i love them!

  2. and the form is exquisite ...


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