Sunday, June 14

What I've been working on - C&L fundraising vids.

My regular readers will recognize this one as a retread from my own April fundraiser:

And barring any unforseen circumstances, this will run at Open Thread tonight:


  1. No need to apologize for the Bill Conti music. It's festive!

    Great job on the video.

  2. Apparently Limbaugh also thinks that exercise nuts destroy our health care system through their exercise-related injuries like shin-splits.

    Ignore the Entertainer behind the curtain!

  3. No need to apologize -- one Bill is almost as kitschily ridiculous as the other.

  4. the andrews sisters! my god sometimes i think you're even younger than me!

  5. Nice mashup! Gonna go offer my condolences to John at CnL now.


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