Friday, June 26

Look, Justice Thomas can speak!

And when he does, surprise! He's a complete dick. The lone dissenter from common sense. Thomas thinks schools should be able to strip-search a thirteen year old female honor student for prescription ibuprofen, (because obviously if the pills aren't in her backpack there's probable cause she's stashed them in her panties). Thomas for the first time in my memory actually said a few words:

"’s decision... announces the safest place to secrete contraband in school."

I know, we need to make sure today's rebellious youngsters don't find out about this decision. They might want to soak medications in their underwear before ingesting, just to get back at The Man.

And Clarence: a little free advice. Your lifetime appointment isn't worth much if you disagree publicly with Fat Tony.


  1. Given what I understand (from once knowing a laywer who knew... and who loathed, Thomas) given his taste for extreme porn does not allow me to be surprised about this decision.

    More than a little sick inside, but not surprised.


  2. In the weird little word Clarence lives in, common sense dictates you strip search the girl...and then stone her because she took her clothes off.

    What a tool. I mean look at the guy. He walks around with pubic hairs on his Coca Cola.

  3. No doubt Clarence and the missus had a role playing session that night. "But Mr. Principal I don't have any drugs hidden in my panties...."

  4. The Advils can sometimes field a decent team, but the Midols always crush them in the quarterfinals.

  5. Anonymous2:36 PM

    Tell me, Blue Gal, are you the one with the green dress?

    Nice Navel!

  6. I saw this and laughed out loud. Of course he would be the lone dissenter! And of course he'd actually have to write an opinion since there isn't anyone to do it for him! (If you've ever read one, you'd know what crap his writing is.) That Scalia, Roberts and Alito agreed to this is telling.


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