Monday, September 27

Banned Books Week

Does anyone have a photograph of Sarah Palin or any other tea party associate reading an actual book? Please send it to bluegalsblog AT gmail.

Don't have a lot of hope there.

Signing that book she didn't write doesn't count.

Batocchio sent the podcast the following hilarious fake quotes:

"All the cool bloggers are celebrating Banned Books Week." - Mark Twain

"Every time a child reads a book, it makes Sarah Palin cry." - Kurt Vonnegut

"If Christine O'Donnell read more, she might not be so fucking dumb, and vice versa." - Dorothy Parker

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  1. Haha. Thanks for spreading the word. I just made those up on the fly to make you two laugh, but whatever works for a good cause! (Also, that wasn't far off from an actual Parker line!)

    I bet you can find a pic of Palin and others hawking books...


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