Monday, September 20

House MD returns tonight....

Driftglass did this photoshop:

...entitled Eat It! Eat It! Eat It! Eat It! Eat It!

To which my imaginary boyfriend Hugh Laurie replies:


  1. those two can't possibly carry a season. put them together and you have nowhere else to go. i hate it already.

  2. Having the hots for Hugh Laurie, fine, he's a hard-working accomplished professional and by all accounts a decent fellow. But the character, Dr. House...??? Not so much.

    This bent towards the emotionally unhealthy by attractive intelligent women is for normal males, those of us who aren't charismatic narcissistic sociopaths, extremely frustrating.

    The man isn't into anyone but himself, systematically abuses patients and staff alike for his own twisted pleasure and sick egotistical gratification, and will in the end poison every relationship he has and destroy anyone who makes the mistake of getting close to him.

    And yet, counter to everything the women's movement claims to desire from men, some otherwise sensible liberated women find him attractive while men who are less, ah, forceful and not relentlessly domineering wouldn't rate so much as a second glance. A puzzlement, it is, and disappointing.

    Tough to raise our sons to be gentle and caring when a character like House is held up to be an object of desire. Tough to raise our daughters to cherish gentle and caring men when a rough-tough-rude-do-as-you're-told churlish drug addict gets high ratings and mash notes from women's role models.

    Just saying.

    Hopefully you'll keep that attraction limited to the teebee, where an off-switch will save you from the disaster such people inevitably inflict in real life. You deserve better. We all do.

  3. Graham, you probably wouldn't be astonished by the conversations I have with folks f2f about House the character -- that in real life he would be friendless, unemployed, and perhaps institutionalized given his addiction problems. So would Sherlock Holmes, on whom House is based. What draws women to these FICTIONAL characters is their intelligence, which as I've pointed out many times here is an irresistable aphrodesiac. That doesn't mean that these days, I don't studiously avoid any early whiff of a self-absorbed greedy abuser. Gotcha.

  4. Methinks Th' Cap'n can be seein' Me Archduchess o' th'BlogSea with th'Fine, Feisty Doctor afore his...interestin'...boss, but they say opposites attract. They just don't be tellin' us about th'aftershocks.


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