Wednesday, February 2

Fundraiser and a word about PayPal

I had a great back and forth with a dedicated reader to this blog yesterday. This reader refuses to give money to me via PayPal because of the whole Wikileaks thing. I get that.

Driftglass and I are talking about getting a post office box for the podcast, which we would both use for individual blog contributions. What we are working on now, is whether to open a bank account for the podcast, use my real name on the account, or what. One cannot solicit checks made out to "The Professional Left" or "Blue Gal" or "Driftglass" without an ability to cash them. So once that is worked out you will be the first to know.

In the meantime, I hope that principled liberals who read this blog daily...

...will temporarily set aside their internet paypal boycott...
...on behalf of a man who spent Christmas as a guest at Ellingham Hall...
...presumably kid-free...
...and has bail money from Michael Moore...
...and a world-wide microphone any time he tweets. send a five-dollar vote of confidence to a single mother of three school-aged children who can barely afford her monthly internet bill. An unpaid blogger who entertains their principles regularly without charge. A comrade.

THANKS! I really appreciate the support.

UPDATE: Possible Nobel Peace Prize Nomination for Wikileaks. Just when I was worried I was giving him too much attention. :D


  1. Realised that after having enjoyed your podcast for over a year, I realised that I have tip jarred both Driftglass individually and the podcast itself.

    Seeing as I tend to prefer writing over imagery, I visit DG's site far more often and after I saw your update on twitter I've finally decided to remedy that situation.

    Please continue with your works as you remind me, however bad it gets in the UK with the bloody Tories, I can always take solace in thinking.

    "At least they're as bad as the rightwingers in the US."

  2. Since I discovered the podcast and both your and DG's blogs, I have been quite impressed.

    I am an elder (I hate the term Senior citizen) on Social Security Disability so I'm far from rich and I have made TPL part of my monthly budget. I'm not saying I give what I think its worth because I think it's worth a lot more than I can afford so I give what I can when I can. There will be a $10 donation when my SS comes in on the 3rd of each month unless disaster strikes. I consider it money well-spent.

  3. You can have $15 of this fairly well off stay at home dad's allowance. You two have become my go to podcast for angry liberal news since Citizen Radio keeps making me feel guilty for being a great bbq cook. I've got 3 little ones myself, I'm amazed at how much you get done around that.


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