Monday, February 21

Oh gee, Blue Gal, tell us what you REALLY think!

I'm so mad about this anti-abortion juggernaut, I could just spit at every single GOP congressperson, and the Democrats who voted with them.  

On the other hand, these are the last unwavering members of their base that they can depend on to send in the checks, no matter what.  This is an anti-women, anti-sex contingent of a dying party.   They too shall pass.  

Yes, I'm furious.


  1. Then this will make your day:



  2. I don't think they're dying -- not unless the money people find someplace more welcoming.

    Instead, they'll mutate the party (while continuing to deny evolution) into something that preys on whatever it is people are afraid of at any given time. If it's not women, Muslims, Hispanics and gays, it'll be the disabled, Buddhists, albinos, and people with college degrees.

  3. How does he get that strange pallor of his? He has the look of Sweet and Sour chicken at the all-you-can-eat Asian Buffet.
    I don't blame the Repugs...oh.wait.Yes I do. And their enablers that can't be bothered to read about their representatives votes and positions and instead vote "their" party line against their own best interests.

  4. The only thing worse than this man as the Speaker is that this man represents a district adjacent to mine. Lives about 20 minutes away.

    He is a sneering bigot, hater of women and the poor. But he loves money, a good spray tan, and weeping over a magnum of merlot.

    And you're right; this too shall pass. Unfortunately it's going to hurt like a kidney stone until gone.

  5. Here's another thing I can't stand about this phony creep. All his boo-hooing over his background "story" that the media keeps oo-ing and aw-ing over. I grew up in very similar circumstances and we never thought we were hard luck.

    Every Wednesday, my parents had us eat cereal and donated money to be given to starving kids in Bangladesh or wherever it was, to remind us how lucky we were to have plenty to eat.

    Yes, we had a big family in a little house with one bathroom and did farm chores and wore hand-me-downs and all worked as waitresses and janitors etc., etc., to get a start in life. Big deal. If one of my siblings cried about it like him and acted like he or she had it rough, the others would laugh their asses off at the prissy little phony baby.

  6. Anonymous12:44 PM

    THOSE EYES! THOSE EYES! My God those things a scarier than the orange alien skin.

  7. I'm loving your Boehner photoshops, but here in Ohio our wingnuttery is so much more than just Boehner! Can you be persuaded to take on John Kasich? He's just as stupid and evil as Scott Walker but considerably harder on the eyes.

    If not, then I will just be looking forward to Hello Kitty's next appearance chez Bleu Gal.


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