Tuesday, February 15

A new verb. "To Grapefruit." for @Lawrence

Who definitely grapefruited Bill O'Reilly on The Last Word last night.

Thanks much to Crooks and Liars for the video:

The last line is cut off. "...if you're as afraid to accept my challenge as I think you are, if you don't even try to provide fact to back up what you said about me, no one watching this show is going to be surprised, Billy, because they will know that you will have proved everything that I just said."


  1. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I can't decide if O'Reilly is really stupid or a really good actor who knows his really stupid audience really well.

    In the long run, I'm not sure it matters; it's just nice to see someone else calling him on his lies now that Mr. Olberman isn't so publicly doing it.

  2. I miss Olbermann. Hubby & I have been enjoying Black Adder ruruns until Keith shows up again.


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