Tuesday, February 15

Weekend Photoshop

John Bolton and Bill Kristol judged the Miss CPAC 2010 competition, and in a surprise outcome, Miss Mubarek beat out Miss Grifty Reload McQuitter in the "Grifting," "Quitting," and "Self-Serving Word Salad" competitions.

Thanks to everyone who sent such kind words to me and Driftglass. We're very grateful and happy. We're not living together until the wedding sometime in August and we're still waiting for some "way open" on specifics. One thing I've ruled out is a change in this blog's title:


  1. lol When it comes to ditsy women (notice that I was good and didn't say, "dumb broads") the GOP certainly has a stranglehold. It must have been a tough choice.

    I'm glad you're gonna keep your public persona. TPL wouldn't be the same if it were Mr. & Mrs. Driftglass. And I'm old-fashioned enough (and old enough -- sigh) to think it's a good idea.

    Again, I am very happy for both of you!!!

  2. Not living together until the wedding, pshaw! Me and Mrs. Rev. Paperboy didn't move in together until a full month after we got hitched.
    Oh, and the mrs. driftglass graphic is entirely made of win.

  3. Anonymous10:29 PM

    I heard the good news via Cogblog (no I didn't listen to the podcast) and am thrilled for you two. I wish you much happiness and many snarky photoshops. I am a hopeless romantic about relationships forged in unlikely places - and blogging has ot to be one of them.

    Sungold of Kittywampus

  4. None of your fans thinks for a moment that your identity would be swallowed up by marriage! But thanks for the teaser graphic, in any case. IMHO, the strength of your unique voice, and his, makes this match a very promising one indeed.

  5. LMAO!

    I love that graphic!

    I think some snarky bastard that I absolutely just am constantly amazed by ,got very, very, lucky to snag a gal that can dish it out too.
    I think you two need to grab a patent on that marriage.

    My best to you dear lady.


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