Monday, February 7

Last day of fundraiser - a paler shade of blue screen of death?

I'm typing this on my kids' computer (not fun) because yesterday morning I got this screen. Not the Blue Screen of Death, more like my hard drive telling me "Don't mourn me 'cuz I didn't die, I just went away." My regular laptop is in the shop this morning and I'll probably need to get a new hard drive and copy of Windows. This morning I get to clean out office drawers looking for my Photoshop disks.

So now I know where the fundraiser money is going! Yay!

So light posting this week while I (hopefully) put everything back together. I really appreciate the financial vote of confidence many of you have given this blog, and particularly the kind words which have accompanied those donations. It's very heartening to be told (by people you KNOW are smart and have other things they could be doing with their time and money) that what I do here in the internet world is of VALUE. Thank you very much. And back to regular programming as soon as I am off the kiddo computer and back on my own machine.

Today is the last day I'll post this button until next quarter. Thanks for your support of my work! I have the best readers in the blogosphere.

PS. My fundraising goal this quarter is to make one-one millionth of what Huffpo got from AOL. Really!


  1. Love the video; love you & DG; keep it coming and I'll keep supporting!!!!

    Hope your techies do fast work!!!!

  2. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Done. Wish it was more.

  3. Sorry I can't pony up this time around, Blue Gal. But if moral support counts for anything, you'd have topped the AOL/HuffPo deal by now from my home alone. Best wishes.


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