Tuesday, November 8

Blue Gal. Ten Inches. Cut.


Karl, don't get yer panties in a wad: this is not a post about Jeff Gannon.

First bloggers against the wall when the revolution comes are those who take the time to post their new hairdo. Google Blog Search for "new haircut" shows there are 87,594 of you. Please stop it.

But Blue Gal did give ten inches of her own hair (yes, that's really Blue Gal's shorn locks in the above photo) to make wigs for disadvantaged kids in chemo. Thanks to Locks of Love for the opportunity. Blue Gal readers who are also aging hippies (and you KNOW who you are) can do the same at that link.


  1. God, I hate it when you women do that. Being a typical guy, I looooove long hair.

    Anyway, go to my blog and take the challenge. It's in my Blogwhore post. Pass the challenge on.

  2. It's for a good cause, but let me pause a moment to grieve for the change in that bit of beauty in the world. Your hair is glorious on you, BG.

    Long-haired hippie


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