Friday, November 4

One Year Ago Today...


...Blue Gal started her blog. It was Election Day, the day President Bush received A Mandate from The American People(tm) and earned political capital which he intended to spend. The day a great many blues downloaded visa forms for Canada. Blue Gal called them wimps and said that the fight was just beginning and this was gonna be way funnier than Kerry woulda been. And hasn't she been proven right? er, Left?

Since that time, Blue Gal's relationships with the Faf, the Fluff (Keith Olbermann), and the Poof (Anderson Cooper) have kept her name in the blogosphere limelight. ('Course, the recent revelation of Abby at Falafel Sex and her sordid one deer stand with Scooter Libby just knocked Blue Gal off the illicit relationship map. But still.)

And not only the political stage has changed. Blue Gal has been a vehicle for personal growth. For instance, Blue Gal is no longer awakened by images of Bill "Cat Killer" Frist being released from prison wearing Martha's poncho. She sleeps soundly, knowing the power of Photoshop and where she can go and more importantly, where she does not need to go. Setting limits, after all, is the first step to authenticity. And as Manolo so wisely says:


While she is a straight mother of three, she for some reason dreams of the day "LESBIAN POWER" t-shirts come in a size 3T. (Or maybe she actually saw one outside a Seattle Montessori School. It's possible.)

Have a lovely weekend, folks. And to her regular readers, all she can say is, panties. Oh, and thank you, Sister Rosetta, for making sure our undergarments are in keeping with the Bible.


  1. Happy Anniversary! We started a year ago, too, as therapy for post election depression.

  2. Blue Gal, Happy Anniversary from Hooterville! Same to you, Abby Taylor - I started my blog a year ago also for the same reason.

  3. Anonymous9:33 AM

    Congrats Blue Gal. I just found you a couple of months ago.

    I too am a resident of Alabama. I was sick to realize that Jeff Sessions was one of the nine senators voting against McCain's anti-torture provision.

  4. Congratulations, Blue Gal! I like your way of thinking.

  5. Anonymous3:40 AM

    Happy anniversary. Hope you didn't have yellowcake.

  6. Happy Anniversary, Blue Gal. I'm planning a big celebration for my 1st anniversary, too, a gigantic Assclowns of the Year posting that'll take a week to post. It'll be a rundown of the Top 100 Assclowns of the Year and I'm soliciting suggestions. I have a list of about 40 or so candidates. Now for the good news and bad news:

    First, the bad news: There will not be an Assclowns of the Week tonight. Now for the good news: It’s up already! Yay! And I think it’s a pretty good one. So enjoy. I’m taking the rest of the weekend off. I don’t know how Simon Weisenthal did all that hunting those years.

    This week on the spit:

    George Bush (9, 10)
    Tom DeLay (3, 8)
    Exxon CEO Lee F. Raymond (7)
    Bagram prison officials (6)
    Michael Brown (5)
    James Dobson and the Christian Right (4)
    Bill Frist (2)
    The GOP (1)

  7. A belated Happy Anniversary -- I've been out of town with no internet access. Keep up the good work!


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