Wednesday, November 16

Not to get all moral on you...

Robertson threatens Dover PA. O'Reilly (terrorist sympathizer), threatens San Fran. Secret prisons torture in Iraq.

All of these are wrong. But some things are just plain wrong.



Love on ya, Queerty and Malcontent.


  1. If my husband ever showed up in one of those things, I'd either choke to death laughing or have him committed for a psych evaluation. I love how the one model has his head thrown back -- maybe to hide his face?

    And Anderson Cooper is way too fine for Ryan Seacrest.

  2. Boyhood's only response:

    "How do they keep those things on?
    Oh. Maybe that's not the point."

    Snaps to contractor-boy on that one.

    BTW, he wants to know 'How did she come across those things in the first place?'

  3. I dunno Blue Gal, them undies look mighty fine.

    Highly impractical, though.

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  5. To Kathy, yer right. Ryan is nowhere in Andy's league, and should stop hitting on him on national television. I'm not sure what is worse, though, that he hit on AC right there in front of everyone or that he was allowed both to sub for Larry King AND interview Nicole Richie. Think about that. The producers of Larry King Live thought a good substitute would be Ryan Seacrest interviewing Nicole Richie. The giant sucking sound was the brain cells of anyone who happened to surf by being sucked into the intellectual black hole. Who watches this crap? Anyone? Why?

    and Karen...where did I find the wrong undies? I read gay blogs. They're the coolest, after certain knitters. Then, of course, there are the gay knitters. Panopticon being a personal fave.
    See sidebar under Other Knitters Against Bush.


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