Friday, October 5

Some things are just too much, even for this blog.

I may run a picture of a hot dog thong, but I will not, not, not, run pictures of Larry Craig's Super Tuber, his favorite recipe involving a hot dog and a baked potato.

And he calls it a "snack." Really, Larry.

But I will link to the images as a courtesy to my readers.

Warning: microwaved hot dogs tend to explode at the tip if you leave them in too long. Probably better to roast them outdoors.

Which begs the question: do you dip the hot dog in the sour cream before or after you shove it in the baked potato?

Why did I even start thinking about this? Really.


  1. I'm adventuresome in the kitchen, but not enough to try a hot dog rammed through a potato. Sounds disgusting, so I'm not surprised Mr. Craig calls it a favorite. Wonder what he substitutes when he's out of weiners?

  2. Hey, we all have posts we wish we hadn't started, but somehow can't stop.

    Your's isn't too bad.

    Is there a movie here? Ya know American potato?

    By the way, I may add your "Vituperative Foul-Mouthed Blogger Of the Left" pin image to my site if you don't mind.

    Maybe even your "Blog Against Theocracy Participant" image if I can scale it down a bit.

  3. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction, huh, Blue Gal?

    I wish I could come up with some snarky comment but this speaks for itself.

  4. Well, it's basically just pigs in a blanket, except that the blanket is thick and heavy enough to completely suffocate the poor poor pig.

    And I was pleased to see olive oil being used, as a reminder that this is actual food. Until I read the post, I was afraid the recipe called for Astro-Glide.

  5. Max Edison, MD3:49 PM

    This blog misuses the phrase "begs the question." It does not mean "calls for the question to be asked," or "brings up this question." It is a term used in the art of rhetoric, and basically it means posing a question so that the issue in dispute has already been proven. I would avoid it if at all possible.

  6. I was enjoying myself until the grammar police showed up...

  7. Anonymous5:17 PM

    max edison, md:

    Are you begging the question of me? Are you begging the question of ME? Cause I don't see anybody else here. Well, beg on this!!

    Blue Gal:

    That is really sick and twisted, Thank you!!


  8. My! It does make you wonder about the buns, doesn't it?



  9. "Shit if this is gonna' be that kind of party
    I'm gonna' stick my dick in the mashed potatos"

    -Mantan Moreland

  10. Anonymous7:33 AM

    I propose this as the official food of the Republican National convention.


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