Thursday, December 11

Links for Thursday.

Just three...

There's a new blog in town, allegedly written by some f2f friends of mine. The Fluffington Post. I'm asking them right here and now if they'll let me guest post from time to time. They're on the LINE now, like these panties....

P.J. O'Rourke on Disneyland's new House of Tomorrow [The Atlantic]:

“Countertops will be able to identify groceries set on them and make menu suggestions.” At our house, that would mean the strip of Formica between the sink and the stove piping up in a computer-generated snivel, “I hate broccoli. Meatloaf again?” Probably the fridge would chime in, “Well, if you don’t like meatloaf, make your own damn dinner.” And this is assuming that the kitchen doesn’t have IT problems that cause the countertop to go, “Macaroniandcheesemacaroniandcheesemacaroniandcheese …” [my son] Buster already does that.

There are some bloggers out there who, despite the imminent takeover by a very competent, unfunny administration, are on a frickin' roll. Zaius is one of them.

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  1. If you know a conservative woman with something on her chest, particularly if it has to do my wedding, or shopping or the loss of morality of sluts in thongs in the workplace, then you just have your friend drop us a line and we'll have our people contact her people. ;)

    (i.e. hells yeah.)


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