Wednesday, December 31

While I hate to defend the NY Times...

Statute of limitations: there should be a law that if a newspaper publishes that you're fucking John McCain, and it turns out that's not true, you have ten minutes to file a lawsuit. You're given the ten minutes so you can stop. screaming.

Ten months? WTF?

Image found here but apparently it's from Bartcop.


  1. Goodness, who would have thought that anything untoward was happening?

    I mean, after all, steadfastly remaining incommunicado to protect your lover, er, client for months on end during his election campaign...Idle tongues wagging, I suppose.


  2. Anonymous9:03 PM

    Obviously her dignity was quite damaged. The poor dear must've had to crawl to her lawyer.

  3. Happy New Year to ya Darlin'.


  4. Hi Blue Gal,

    Just slipping in under the wire to say "Congratulations on your nomination, you arch-liberal you!" And thanks for everything you do to increase the screaming of the wingnuts. Such schweet(!) sounds.

    Happy News Year!



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