Monday, June 21


If you need a pick-me-up, I suggest "A High Hope Happy Plan" over at dottie angel (h/t Do What Now?) Look past the doilies on the blog if you must, and read it. It's about parenting and finding the joy in daily life and it really gave me a lift.

My 7yo was bickering with her brother right in front of me (whoops) and she ended with "hey bro, it's a free country." Then she stopped and said to me, "Wait. Is it? What's a free country?" TEACHABLE MOMENT. Note to Driftglass I'll be bringing this up at podcast this week.

Free Country: People can be idiots if they want.

Not Free Country: Only idiots with the most money behind them get to be heard.


Salon tonight 9 Eastern. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Oh dear, we are the later, no? Hope things change by the time she's an adult.


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