Wednesday, June 9

My kid prays about the oil spill

Mom, how is it going with the oil spill?

Still pretty bad, maybe you could say a prayer about it.

[bows his head] Dear God, I hope the government can clean up all the oil and send BP to jail!


  1. You raised a good kid.

  2. My "kid" college age ~ staged a rally on campus called "Crude Awakening". They used long/large sheets of black plastic in a central "bowl" outdoor arena by the student union to demonstrate the enormity of the spill.
    They had photos of shoreline & wildlife impact & a petition to call for a moratorium on Offshore drilling (Before Obama did).

    I learned about it because a friend said Your son is on the evening news!

    These apples did not fall far from the tree!

  3. just don't let Glenn Beck hear about this!


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