Tuesday, June 15

Yo! Rahm Emanuel! Get back to basics!

Dear Rahm Emanuel:

Let me see if I can say this in words you will understand:

It's called the OLD TESTAMENT. First fucking Samuel fucking Seventeen! David and fucking Goliath, remember?

If that's too old fashioned for you, at least go watch Pulp fucking Fiction again and go medieval on BP's asses.

And not to get personal or anything, but how come people over here are wishing you could be replaced by Howard Dean, like between the two of you, YOU'RE the pussy?

Sincerely yours,

Blue Gal

PS. To those publishers who were looking for the next Molly Ivins, but asked for a "young blogger"? Fuck you.


  1. Word. And on your postscript: Word.

  2. StonyPillow8:44 PM

    And the horse they rode in on.

  3. A young blogger like Molly Ivins??? It takes a long time to get the chops and the balls to be like Molly, grhs.

  4. I have never heard of Rahm going off on Republicans or corporations. Remember, Rahm worked at Wasserstein Perella and is a neoliberal. His political views aren't that different from Mickey Kaus and Harold Ford.

  5. Well, he probably doesn't think of it as the Old Testament, but as the Hebrew Scriptures. However, he really should be taking his cues from that set of books. . .

  6. Rahm is a dismal failure. Obama needs to fire him ASAP.

  7. Fuck'em for all of us!



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