Tuesday, June 15

My quick reaction to tonight's speech (not tweeted!)

It was a speech completely directed towards FOX news viewers and those who don't accept him as a legitimate President. He's got to get OVER being the first Black president. That's what's going on here, imo.

Those of us who are over it are scratching our heads, but listening to it thinking "he's the Kenyan usurper" it makes sense. Lots of God talk and we're going down the middle of the road. Safe. I think he's trying to make it easier for future Black presidents. It makes it hard on those of us who don't give a shit that he's Black.


  1. He also needs to ditch the speechwriter, and Rahm. I'm so livid right now I can't even function.

    I kept waiting for a plea for Americans to chip in, in some capacity to reduce this dependency, but that never happened. We're just supposed to carry on driving excessively paying ridiculous low prices for fuel and let others solve our problems. BULL-FUCKING-SHIT.

  2. Urg. You know how he can make it easier on future black presidents?
    Do a GOOD JOB!

    Hi, Fran!!!

  3. "I'm so livid right now I can't even function."

    I can't even leave a coherent comment. Other than that may have been the worst speech I've ever heard him give.

  4. Ah.

    It was that bad. (re: my FB comment)

  5. I agree Quaker Dave.

  6. that was an 18 minute waste of time - and it was an 18 minute piece of red meat for the vultures on the right

    he blew it

  7. blue_buddha9:20 PM

    i keep waiting for the man to lay it on the line, whether we like it or not. quit worrying about offending people. you offend more by taking a middle of the road approach to everything. we have enough damn politicians...he was elected to be our leader so lead for christ's sake

  8. David Axelrod looked shakey and/or defensive on "Meet the Press" Sunday. Blood or oil in the water.

  9. I didn't listen. But I read about it and the god stuff at the end. I thought W left in January 2009. When you have to relie on prayer, well, that means you're fucked.


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