Sunday, June 27

Leave Arizona ALONE! (photoshop)

Now she says everyone coming over the border illegally is a drug dealer and comparing them to Hezbollah. Even McCain won't go that crazy, and that's saying something.

Uh, okay Governor, we'll leave Arizona alone, but not before we thank you for the fabulous boost you've given to "community organizing."

I feel for the family of the man shot by a drug cartel on the border. Very much. That should be an international incident and the National Guard (most of which I expect is in Iraq/Afghanistan) should have been called out immediately. Seriously. Let it be a border war over illegal drugs, and let's debate THAT. But getting papers on everybody? What drugs are YOU on, Guvner?


  1. It takes real talent to make Governor Brewer look more hideous than she actually does.

  2. I think we've progressed beyond 'meanie' here.


  3. Blue Gal,

    You have summed up the whole Arizona (& national xenophobic freak-out)in one photoshop and a few short sentences.

    Remind me again why you don't have Maureen Dowd's bully pulpit? Why you don't have the access to the airwaves that Spawn of Cheney has?

    Oh yeah, that: you think for yourself and take no prisoners and are a real original with a big heart and genuine wit. Also, not son or daughter of Tim Russert or Dick Cheney.

    But please keep it up, though your efforts seining the internets bring home mostly empty nets and thin gruel. Though you and your little ones ain't getting fat, we *nos otros* depend upon your insight, humor and courage more than you probably know.

    Thank you.

  4. I feel for the family of the man shot by a drug cartel on the border. Very much. That should be an international incident and the National Guard...should have been called out immediately.

    If you're talking about Robert Krentz, there never was any credible evidence he was killed by drug runners:

    Carol Capas, a spokeswoman for the Cochise County Sheriff's Office, said homicide investigators have no information about the killer or a motive in the slaying of Robert Krentz, 58, a prominent cattleman who was gunned down the morning of March 27 on his ranch northeast of Douglas.

    That claim was made and spread by supporters of the not-yet-passed Arizona antiimmigrant law, trying to whip up a furor.

    As it turns out there is now a likely suspect:

    The killing of a Southern Arizona rancher that sparked an outcry to secure the border was not random, and investigators are focusing on a suspect in the United States, the Arizona Daily Star has learned.

    High-ranking government officials with credible information spoke to the Star, citing a desire to quell the fury over illegal immigration and drug smuggling set off by the shooting death of longtime rancher Robert Krentz on March 27.

    They said Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever is investigating a person in the United States, not in Mexico, in connection with the shooting.

    That announcement didn't garner national news headlines like the first one, did it? "Not random" is the key bit. My friends in Arizona who know people tell me the suspect is someone Krentz was familiar with, and about whom he wasn't apprehensive. As with most murders, it is looking like this was personal.

    The story is well worth keeping an eye on, lots of political/psychological/sociological tangle to unpack as more details emerge. Meantime, let's not spread the "Killer Cartels are Coming to Kill You" meme where it doesn't apply.

    Oh and, great graphic. Your photoshopping has always been inspired and now your technique is catching up, a pleasure to watch and admire as you develop.

  5. Lovely photoshop, as always. I find the situation saddest in how overly and overtly dedicated the right is in being wrong on this, how the idiocy will harm blameless businesses, and how that idiocy will blame that on Obama. Tragic.

  6. Graham if you're right about it being an American who is to blame for that killing there is only one alternative....invade Iraq.



  7. IRAN, silly woman, try to keep up!

  8. I'm leaving Arizona alone by boycotting that Hate State.


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