Saturday, August 21

And I quote: My 11yo reports on his first day of Middle School:

"There I was,
surrounded by ninjas...."

The rest of the story involved forming and leading an army, exploding helicopters, and something called "Spanish Class," which, I assume, is secret code.


  1. Dang ninjas. They were the bane of my academic career. Them and pirates, robots and flying sharks that were on fire.

  2. Oh wow. Your ELEVEN-year-old is in Middle School? Here, that would be fifth or (maybe) sixth grade. Come to think of it, though, I was still 11 at the very start of 7th grade ... and just might have seen ninjas as my saviors from the Mean Girls.

    Back to school is such a relief - and so bittersweet. I hope he'll have a reasonably smooth transition, for both of your sakes.

  3. they sure go back to school early in the midwest!

  4. middle school omg. my wife did substitute teaching for a while and she used to cower at the thought of an assignment there.


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