Wednesday, August 25

My apologies to anonymous commenters

I have to turn off anonymous comments for a bit. I've been spammed every night for over a week and I need to get it to stop.

I'll return to normal settings as soon as possible.

UPDATE:  Turns out the Chinese comment spam is a huge problem for Blogger users these days, and they seem unwilling to fix it.  They do it in the middle of the night, and by the time I get up my statcounter has run over, so I can't find their IP address.  

So I'm turning on comment moderation to stop it here.  You'll have to wait for your comment to appear, but otherwise I have to clean up fifteen spam comments every morning, and that's getting old.


  1. But then I have to learn to spell! (Sorry you're getting spammed.)


  3. And learn to read Chinese.

  4. I don't think these are Chinese people spamming us.

    I've narrowed it down to right wingnuts like Fiddlehead who appear with obfuscatory comments and won't stop (until deleted) right before the attacks.

    It's not that tough to adopt a Chinese persona to put a few choice words on someone's site.

    I have many Chinese readers who are never on when I get those comments.

    And I'm not paranoid!



I really look forward to hearing what you have to say. I do moderate comments, but non-spam comments will take less than 24 hours to appear... Thanks!