Wednesday, August 4

The GOP is absolutely right.

Obamacare*** is way too complicated. Their flow chart/argument.

We SHOULD make it simple for the people:

***Anyone who calls it "Obamacare" is a propagandist who is fucking with you. Five years from now those same people will be screaming about any cuts to the same exact program.

Also, the argument that 'bills are bad because they are long' is a sure sign that the speaker thinks you are an idiot. They never, ever, complain that the Pentagon is complicated.

Inspired by the first comment at this post from Maddow.


  1. Anonymous11:54 AM

    At a quick glance the first chart looks like it is left over from Enron, or maybe Jack Abramoff.


  2. If bills are bad because they are long, then I'm sure you can look forward to the day (any day now!) the GOP simplifies credit card contracts, right?

  3. Yes, yes and yes. I'm all for simplifying it to that second one, too.

  4. I thought about writing a really long comment, but...

    not exactly a shocker wingnuts rely on propaganda, and the mind boggling shit for brains of their constituency to further their agenda.

  5. The dumbing-down process of the dumbed-down already is stupifying.

    Can the use of pictographs be far behind? And bananas as rewards for correct answers?

  6. Right on. Also, did you see the teabagger proposal a few months back that no bill should be allowed to have more words than the Constitution? Goddam morons.

  7. I like you flow-chart better than the one on the top but whoever created it overlooked something. Who pays?

  8. Closer to the bone, is the Homeland Security being complicated. It is GOP created, by Bush Co. I don't hear them complaining about it either.

  9. Anonymous12:44 PM

    Haven't you ever noticed that simple, speedy and effective is not the way of Congress?...well, unless it involves bailouts for billionaires...

  10. Anonymous1:21 PM



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