Monday, August 30

TCOT Tweet: JFK would not be a Democrat today.

Careful parsing, there, Nascar Alabama Flag Mom.  But what I hear ya saying is, in your alternate universe, JFK is a Republican.

And I guess that means Marilyn Monroe is a nun.


  1. how did it come to be that every foolish statement becomes a fact?

  2. Now there is a good laugh I needed.

  3. Now I'm going to start having erotic nun dreams again.


  4. I'm sure he could provide proof of his words, right? Heck, that's the best thing about Twitter!

    Did you mention Nixon might be a Democrat today? Support for the environment, legalizing pot, entering China, social spending higher than military spending...

    Yeah, the guy was also a scumbag who sabotaged democracy, but still!

  5. And I'm the Queen of England doncha know!


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