Sunday, August 1

Why Does the GOP think we won't NOTICE

...that they are freaking out about the deficit while pushing for MORE TAX CUTS for their rich friends?

I can't understand why they think we're that stupid...


  1. Stealing that graphic in 3...2...1...

  2. Here's my question to you... Do you think Hannity and others are laughing at Palin because she doesn't think twice about the talking points they feed her before going on air? Or do you think they simply are as clueless as she is and it's easier to be in the club if you all repeat the same lies? I just don't want to think they are all as ignorant as Palin is, but I might be wrong.

    Happy summer to you.....


  3. They can't help but look silly. Boner has the face of an overzealous Dutch football fan ("Meer oranje gezicht makeup! Het is niet oranje genoeg!") and McConnell, he got hisself a tiny, tiny mouth.

  4. Good Egg: Feeding Palin talking points, repeating GOP talking points, is what Fox employees get paid to do. Don't forget, she's their spokesmodel. She's a Fox News employee.

    They laugh all the way to the bank.

  5. BG, I understand that, but is Palin smart enough to realize that the points are wrong? If she knows everything she spews is a lie, then she is smarter than I thought. I just don't think that is the case and she is being used/and abused in ways we have never seen in politics. She takes herself too seriously to want to be regarded as an idiot and the face of all things ignorant.

  6. Anonymous8:09 PM

    Love the graphic. Actually, I have trouble watching McConnell because he looks so much like the old lady from my childhood who always brought the nasty stewed tomatoes to the church suppers.

  7. Anonymous8:43 PM

    "I can't understand why they think we're that stupid..."

    Easy: birther, deathers, "he's a muslim", "Keep your government hands off of my Medicare", can't balance a checkbook, barley literate, speechifying at a 7th-grade level, ClusterFox ratings skyrocketing, Beck U, listen to any call-in talk show, American Idol, Survivor, TeaParty Raliies, sales of Palin books,
    We are the laughingstock of the world.
    I do not blame the inside-the-beltway crowd for looking down at what absolutely has to appear to them as rubes. And they'll be sure to manipulate dolts like that for every dime they can get.
    The problem is us.

  8. Exactly. Good Egg, Palin's stupidity is reinforced by the money she's making and the crowds and media who cheer her on.

    She's also a fundamentalist Christian, so being "a fool for Christ" excuses her from doing any homework.

    She doesn't read the NEWS. That willful ignorance is not stupidity, it is her theology.

  9. You are fine today, BG.

    And thinking fast.

    As usual.

    Nice work!



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