Tuesday, August 24

Uh Oh. Is The Daily Show listening in on our podcasts?

Cuz we played Evil Stupid and Crazy like, weeks ago, and at the six minute mark it looks like they're copying our work, just a little.

But... Nah... I think with Fox it's just the only conclusion you can come to.

Everyone who watches Fox News:

Their second most invested shareholder is Arab and, yeah even I gotta admit, looks like a South Park Terrorist. And Fox and Friends just got caught calling their owner a funder of radical madrassahs. No really:

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h/t Kevin H for the tip.


  1. Well, they didn't have "crazy" as an option. But they had their own T-shirts. That counts for something.

    Now that I think about it, you might be able to make YOUR OWN "Evil, Stupid, or Crazy" T-shirts and make a tiny profit off them.

  2. StonyPillow6:58 AM

    Like "Team Jacob", "Team Edward" or "Team Does Bella Ever Smile?"

    I'm with Team Evil. Every last one of 'em.

  3. Rachel Maddow is on this, too. Maybe Evil, Stupid and Crazy is just the new meme for Fox?

  4. You guys did a fantastic job of it, but the reality-based community has been playing that game for years (if less formally most of the time). Hell, it's been going for millenia, if you count Socrates... and just about every writer who did any social critiques. But surely the Daily Show staff would enjoy your podcasts, right? So ya never know...


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