Saturday, December 17

And doesn't he just look better and better every day?

stolen from Hey Jenny Slater:

Bill Clinton -- in what he did as the chief executive of the country, if not necessarily as a human being -- was a pretty good president. Or, barring that, a total badass.

Bill Clinton: the man, the president,
the straight-up pimp (and I mean that in a good way).

Too bad Chairman of the DNC would be a step down.


  1. Secretary General Bubba...

  2. Sorry, but I do love me some Bubba. He wasn't perfect, but he had a brain in his head. Imagine if you will a President who actually had a grasp on the issues and policies - and could speak intelligently (and intelligibly)! Who was actually teased for being a 'wonk' - meaning, knowing the details? Remember those dear, departed days of peace and prosperity? The days when we actually had friends and allies in the world? The days when we actually tried to avoid war, if possible? Hard to picture now, isn't it?


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