Wednesday, December 7

Blue Gal's Blogroll Rollup Rolie Polie Olie

The CIA suspects that bin Laden is located somewhere in this area

From one of Blue Gal's new faves, Fried Green al-Qaedas. The Cheney speech for DeLay (Dec 6) is priceless, kids.

Badtux thinks our President may actually be a space alien and the argument totally makes sense. Go figure.

Wonkette points out that Ted Kennedy loves us lefty bloggers so much he has his staff read them for him. Oh my darling Senator Ted, Blue Gal loves you back, you fossil you!

I voted for Fafblog for best comedy blog here, though it looks like Jesus' General is gonna walk away with it.

An' it's time to debut this little project. Alicia, are you ready for some action?

There's been some changes to Blue Gal's blogroll, too. I've kicked off anybody who already has 250 plus subscribers. If your browser is pointed here, then you already have Crooks and Liars, Wonkette, and Daily Kos bookmarked, and they don't neeeeed meeeee.


  1. Do you ever wonder why Ted never ran for president? I believe despite his past he could and would be elected.
    I detest Cheney. The mans arrogance boggles my mind. I can't help but wonder who he thinks he is. Oh, wait, I know! He thinks he's the God who's telling Gdubya what to do!

  2. I'm not sure that Bush is the actual alien, I think he is being controlled by a telepathic link from another star system--that would explain the jerky mannerisms and the long pauses when he speaks!

  3. Whoa, BG, I read the post yesterday and completely missed the Tommi blurb...senior moment...


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