Friday, December 16

Got yer ears on, Rummy?
Art day at Blue Gal.

she's smiling 'cause sp3ccylad's on her ipod

I hope to God one of Dubya's spies is reading this. Welcome fascist weblog trackers! Does the hot water yer in feel good to ya? Just wait 'til the afterlife, Jimbo!

Kay, now that that's outta the way, today is art and chaos day again at Blue Gal. Blue Gal sprung from the loins of artistes (sorry for the visual) so every once in a while we just need to look at some art. And art without a sense of humor, or as Momma says, at least "a giggle in the middle of a nightmare" (Blue Gal all over) is not art.

First up, Mark Mothersbaugh. Some readers may know him as the musical talent for Rugrats and the films of Wes Anderson. Others may remember him from Devo. I remember him when my dad was his printmaking professor at Kent State in the '70s and he was weird and talented and cute in that "intelligence is an aphrodisiac" kinda way but arty/funky. What is nice to hear is that he is keeping his pinky finger in the visual art world. Click the link and see a show if you are close by. And if you get to see Mark, tell him he owes my dad five bucks in 1972 dollars.

Second, those of you who are knitters of course know Franklin Habit, but if you don't you are missing a wildly talented guy who has been a real inspiration to me. He lives the life of an artist (in the coolest of cities, Chicago) and brings that artistry to knitting of all things and I hope to live like him someday, uh, except for the gay man part.

While yer at it, check out the Museum of Depressionist Art. Still life with prozac? Hey, the story of my frickin' life.

And if your taste in art tends toward the aural (couldn't resist) sp3ccylad's got two new songs up. But I'll be spending this weekend knitting to all 36 of 'em, old and new.

Have a great weekend, and remember, shopping is never an "event".


  1. Gosh, Beege, we do have a lot in common. My dad was an art professor also. I was expected to become an artist; I thought I'd be a psychiatrist - who knew that I'd eschew higher academia altogether and become a road dog musician? Art now only comes out in my cartooning...

  2. Nice, but Mona Lisa needs ear buds.

  3. yeah, I know, sometimes bloggers can't be choosers...


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