Monday, December 5

It isn't chaos, it's ART.


This could be a whole big long post on intelligent design, chaos, art, life, etc. Fill in the blanks your own self.

And I swore this would never become a knitting blog, because when Blue Gal wants to make a knitting blog she will go out and do it but don't count on it because she is already too busy.

But I do love this little sweater. I love the thought of rolling a die to see what to knit next. I love that it's for a toddler, but if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna cast it on for meself 'cause that's the way life is right now.

And don't get me started on fibonacci sequencing and cables, which was the other sweater I was gonna cast on before I saw this one. Mensa. I know. Leave it to one of the scientists at Cambridge (natch) who came up with random knitting to say this:

The idea of random knitting arose out of contact with polymer theoreticians and a desire to create an unusual two-dimensional representation of a random network. The prospect of a meeting on polymers stimulated the production of the pullover shown here.

Yeah, right. But the result looks like this. Whoa:


UPDATE: received this email 2/7/06:

I'm happy that you like my pattern, and that you put my picture on your
website. But the picture is my copyright, and first of all you need my
permission to use it, which I give you on condition that you acknowledge
copyright, and give a reference to my website here.


Mary Griffin

Posting that with gratitude.

'Course, Blue Gal came up with her own Mensa t-shirt idea:

new mensa shirt

But I digress. Today is a digressy day. Go digress and have a good one.


  1. That's a cool sweater. I wish I could knit. Ha - that's all I need - something else to do with all that spare time weighing heavy on my hands...

  2. So the new knitty out and with a roll-of-the dice pattern - oooh!

  3. Shunra you and Libby and the Mensa knitting goddesses. Knew you would "get it." xoxoxoxo

  4. How about a slogan that says...

    I cheated on my test to get into MENSA. On the metaphysics test, I looked into the soul of the person sitting next to me.

    From one MENSAN to another.


  5. FYI this from Josie, the designer of the chaos sweater, when I asked her about yardage for chaosing:

    Chaos-ing uses about 20% more yarn than plain stockinette stitch. To make your yarn go farther, you could try cabling less often, say every 6th row, and/or using more knit stitches between the cables by working k2 when you roll 5 and 6 instead of ignoring these rolls (assuming you're using the dice method). This would change the gauge and mean more calculating, but I'm sure you're up to it!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence.


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