Monday, December 12

Jesus Saves!!! and earns over six percent.


By now most of you know that Focus on the Family pulled their money outta Wells Fargo Bank because Wells Fargo gives money to gay rights organizations. How FOTF decided to bank at an institution headquartered in San Francisco and not figgered this out in the first place is a little puzzling.

But what you may not know is that Jesus H. Christ his own self has come out against Reverend Dobson and company. Took him long enough, but hey, Blue Gal understands. That's my Jesus! So proud to be a Christian!

Now it's time for Wells Fargo (there must be little puddles of piddle all over the marketing department floor from pure glee) to step up to the plate with their new advertising campaign:

wells fargo new logo

Want to take a moment here to give points to our favorite ACLU lawyer, who told me this weekend that he has a "nice little position" in Wells Fargo Preferred. (Stock symbol: WPD)

"Can I blog about that?"

"Blogging is a waste of time. [pause] Why don't you blog that it pays over six percent? It pays over six percent. That's the PREFERRED, mind you. That's pretty good. HAR-umph." [back to the Sunday NYT business section].

Free stock tips from the other side of the king size. Just another Blue Gal service.

We also like Scott's idea for teaching evolution, history, etc. like evangelical preachers, to wit:

“Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859, and it sparked a nationwide debate about evolution and man’s place in the world! Can I get an AMEN?!!”

It's gonna be an interesting week here at Blue Gal. Comrade and Yoga have come up with some interesting questions. What is it with aging activists? and What should we do, really, about radical Islam and terrorism? Aw, what about wacko Christians? We'll talk about them some more too, and giggle all the way to the cross. God is Love, people. Watch this space.


  1. Jesus must get disgusted with people like Dobson who use their version of religious faith as a bludgeon against others and as a great way to raise $$$.

  2. Why the hell not? After all, brethren and sisthren, we're already in the middle of a nationwide debate about devolution and one man's misplace in the free world...

    can I get a witness,

  3. Jesus saves, Moses invests ... oy.

  4. Devolution? Is Mark Mothersbaugh reading my blog? Mom and Dad say hello. {He was a student of my father's in the Kent State Art Dept in the '70s.}

  5. Hey there Blue Gal... Just replying to the question you posed @ club lefty re: C&L linkage. My counter went bananas the 1st day and was well above average the next day. Since then I've had better traffic overall, but it has slowed way down. The analogy with the one night stand is apt. :)

  6. ACLU bought more shares today. Heads up.

  7. About radical Islam and terrorism, run-do-not-walk to the nearest available copy of Karen Armstrong's Battle for God. It's a history of fundamentalism (the three loudest flavors) and has creditable insights into the Way It Works.

    FWIW, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish fundies are just about equally scary to this here equal-opportunity chick. The ones who have a man under ther thumb with a finger on the button are Christian or Jewish. Terrifying, much?


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