Wednesday, April 1

Blog Against Theocracy - focus and planning

A reminder to everyone that weekend-after-next, April 10-12, is Blog Against Theocracy. This is a blogswarm in favor of separation of church and state. If you are not a blogger, read on for an opportunity to participate anyway.

I will be focusing my posts on Obama's Faith-Based mumbo jumbo, as well as the whole Prop 8/Gay Marriage issue. Those two issues are key this year. Blog on whatever you like (local angles are particularly appreciated) and make sure you're on topic. Athiests, agnostics, believers, all are welcome to post, but the topic is "separation of church and state," not "why I hate that non-existent God guy" or "the day Jesus came down from heaven and told me to blog for socialism." Those are great topics and might be fab, but they are not BAT posts.

Here are three other websites I recommend as a resource for your posts:

Americans United for the Separation of Church and State

The ACLU's Religion Page


If you are not a blogger, let me recommend:

StreetProphets or Daily Kos, both of which allow diaries. Street Prophets (part of Kos but run by different editors) is a pro-religion website.

Everyone who is on topic will be included with a link at the main BAT website.

Submit your posts to Blog Against Theocracy here.

PS. If you write something great on any topic over the next four days, send me a link to the POST'S PERMALINK URL. I'm linking at the big blog for Mike through April 6. bluegalsblog AT gmail etc.


  1. thanks Blue Gal.... i find Obama's position on the faith-based thingy perplexing..... nothing but problems with that as far as i can see.....

  2. I will be there!

  3. I have my work scheduled to publish on April 12th.
    From the set up of the carnival it appears I have to publish earlier to obtain the hyperlink in order to submit it?

    Is that the procedure?

  4. This sounds good. I'll have to get to work on something stumbling and inarticulate, which is what anything I write dealing with religion always ends up as.


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