Monday, April 27

Tacky religion? In FLORIDA? Yer kidding.

Proposed Florida license plate.

Dear Florida Legislature:

Here's the test.

If you can imagine it on Mr. Gibson's car, remember? The car that got pulled over because he was drunk driving and then he yelled antisemitisms at a woman officer?

That means your license plate is not only unconstitutional, it's reeeealy tacky.

I also laugh very hard when Barry Lynn says the original "may" spark a lawsuit.



  1. Yep, good ol' Florida, my home.

    I thought nothing could beat the "I BELIEVE" plate. Clearly, I was wrong.

  2. The California version will have a big busty starlet playing Mary slathering him with baby oil.

    Just sayin'.



  3. Hey BG,

    Just something I noticed. The anti-Semitic remarks were made to the arresting officer, a deputy James Mee. The remarks allegedly, but disproven in the police report, made to a female officer were something like sucrose teets. It was an s and t but I can't remember.

    Anyways, thought I'd point it out so no freeper can claim your making false allegations.

    Peace out Sea trout,

    PS: thanks again for blogerrific tips. I've got the inside scoop now on some of my favorite bloggers (skippy, you, Ten, Zaius, etc.)


  4. It's not really Florida Jesus without the board shorts and crocs.


  5. that is so tacky. just tacky on top of everything else.

  6. "Boy, crucifixion really sucks. Good thing I've got this warm sun shining down!"

    Eric Idle could write a new song about this one.

  7. For peak homophonic hilarity, bolt one of these onto a Honda Pilot.

  8. Beyond tacky, even for Florida.

  9. Anonymous6:35 AM

    I wouldn't have a problem with the Jeebus "I'm holier than thou" vanity plate so long as I could get an FSM vanity plate. Or, I could get a Jeebus vanity plate with "ATHEIST" or other similarly offensive/subversive message.

    Fortunately, I don't live in Florida or anywhere near it...

  10. I don't know. Without a depiction of the spikes driven through his hands and feet - and where's the blood? is that a crown of thorns or a tiara? - it just doesn't have the full panache of a good Catholic object of worship.

    On the other hand, it is good to see Jesus depicted as SO impossibly white, as is - you know - historically accurate.


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