Friday, April 17

We aren't REALLY having this dance, are we, Mister P?

'cuz really, it's way too early in your presidency for history to judge you as a lily-livered suck-up to the evil men in the previous administration. And because I can't stand to think about what those bastards did in my name, allegedly for my safety? I'm making this all. about. you. That is all.


  1. Anonymous11:04 AM


    There is absolutely NO surprise here for me.

    The man has been caught in lie after lie, protection after protection of the previous administration, and the only logical conclusion is what I have been saying all along:

    There is little difference between them, for they are all beholden to Big Money.

    When it comes to the Empire and protecting erroneously attained "executive powers" without much of a peep from "progressive" bloggers, much less the MSM, there is no difference.

    His skin is darker, if that makes a difference.

  2. BuelahMan I've been asking that question since at least July 2007. Thank you.

  3. Anonymous11:52 AM

    So you have.

    I hope you know that my rhetoric at C&L has never been about you. You are one of the few that appears to be non-partisan and if the truth be known, you (and two others) are the only reason I still have an RSS feed for them (I like Nonnie Mouse and Nicolle, as well). Sadly, Nonnie doesn't post as often as I would like...

    I appreciate your view immensely which is why I subscribe to your personal blog feed, as well.

    Methinks my C&L feed sub will end soon, tho. John is in bed with the Dems and this is as dangerous as those in bed with the Thugs.

    (all, my own personal opinion, of course).

    But you, dear Lady, rock!

  4. Anonymous11:52 AM

    Oops. I forgot Max's recent Music additions. Max and the guys rock, as well.

  5. Oh, I sympathize big time, but I also see a man with too much on his plate to lead this battle. That's a fight congress should be waging, and by my calculation, they're already many years late in getting started. Change is incremental, and the Obama administration is a pretty good leap forward, more than I dared dream of two short years ago.

    blah, blah, blah, I know...

  6. I was furious yesterday, then depressed, now I want to believe what Mark H is saying. One thing at a time. First Congress needs to make torture a huge issue and then... Oh crap, I'm still furious.

  7. This is something I decided to do a few weeks ago - associate Obama with the things he is choosing to support by action or inaction. People tend to remember such imagery, and if the President deliberately chooses a course that associates us as a nation with these acts, he must wear the shame.

  8. i'm willing to wait a bit longer tho i am deeply upset over this matter.

    but, seeing as he hasn't been in office long and that there are so many many problems that affect not only us but the entire world i suppose he has had to sort of triage all of the ills he was confronted with.

    i hope that other countries put out warrants on some of the people of bush's administration. maybe we need a reality check or at least a big heap o' embarassment.

    i'm still praying that he doesn't have loonies get too close to him. sadly there are still a lot of bigots out there and FOX news hasn't calmed them any.

    he can't get up there and make pronouncements like a monarch or the pope.

    we wanted the 3 branches of government to have equal power again and we've got it.

    i am worried about the sort of veiled hint of a threat from the cia towards the whitehouse over this torture shame of ours.

    anyway, i will wait and watch.

    i think our government was weakened by the republicans, cheney etc. far worse than we knew.
    they almost made this into a dictatorship
    it may take time to get it back to where it should be.

  9. I am already way passed being angry. Not worth the energy and it gets me nowhere. Now he (Obama) just makes me sad and disappointed.

  10. I couldn't watch coverage of this the other day, because it was making my sister very upset -- and as you know she has a serious heart condition.

    It's just unthinkable that these people will be allowed to get away with torture. What is Obama thinking?


  11. I'm beyond disgusted. If we don't punish the criminals in the previous administration, they will visit us again in four or eight years. And then watch as they push the envelope further. I'm suggesting foreign universities for my family's children.

  12. it looks like there's a loophole in this that may let the actual people that did the torture off(bad) but let the souless asses that ordered it be investigated and brought up on charges.

  13. Great pic.

    Releasing the memos was fantastic, but only a start. Taking prosecution off the table before there's been an investigation is a bad move. Every one of Obama's bad moves have been continuing the old crap and playing the game the same old corrupt, ineffective way. Prosecution won't be entirely up to him, but it doesn't help that he opposes it.

    The way I see it, there's no scenario where citizen activism and pressure on this isn't both good and necessary. Several petitions are going around, which is a start.


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