Tuesday, April 7

Thank you, Mister President

I still don't understand or appreciate the whole faith-based office you insist on. If you're considering walking a fine line between The Constitution and the Christian Taliban, Mister President, look for me on the side of "Congress shall make no law respecting..."

But right here you made me feel real good.

Everyone posting this to Youtube seems to be a wingnut Christianist claiming Obama is Satan. Oh, well. If you're reading this from that perspective, guess what? The blog against theocracy blogswarm is all about you.


  1. Merely place this cloth upon the afflicted area and watch it hold over 20 times its weight in marvels.

    If your miracle lasts more than 6 hours, see a doctor


  2. Praise be Allah, Jesus, Krishna. Astarte, Kali, Avalokiteshvara and all the rest! A president who speaks the truth!(At least some times).

  3. There is both method to Mister President's madness and madness to his method.

    Roaches tend to scurry when you turn on the light.

    The problem, AISI, is that so far his strict hiring principles have been short on fulfillment. He's more than a little short-staffed.

    Imagine what would happen if he lowered the standards? At some point, hopefully sooner rather than later, the complement will be adequate for the job.

    Think DOJ without the Liberty U. grads and a keen eye for the wicked ways of the world. Fitz ain't the only one out there.
    But it must rolled out before it can be rolled up.

    My B.A.T. will fly at midnight.

  4. I cannot believe we are soooo on the same page...different zip code....!

    After I heard this soundbyte I immediately updated my Blog Against Theocracy blog to include this.

    Why ....oh why oh why..do the Rightwingnuts take one thing one way and WE take it another?

  5. Anonymous6:38 PM

    Let's get this straight: B. Hussein Obama bowed at the hip to Saudi King/Emir Abdullah bin Khanzeer, the head of a Theocracy whos disregaud for Human Rights rivals that of Calvin's Geneva.

    You're supposed to be agaimst Theocracy, right? King Abdullah sends his Mutawah (Religious Cops) to enforce Shari'a Law by beating up women who don't wear their veils (in Saudia Arabia, that's called Indecency), and speaking to men they don't marry or intend to marry (in Saudia Arabia, that's called Prostitution).

    A letdown, isn't it?

  6. Are cowards always anonymous, in the same way that the anonymous are always cowards?

  7. I'm trying to figure out who the person is that Obama bowed to...The king of Saudi Arabia is King Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud (who by the way is the half brother of the infamous Bandar "Bush"). Is this guy full of shit or am I missing something?

  8. Here's an essay (on Obama and theocracy) worth reading as food for thought: http://lnkr.us/15Zh, from my favorite heretical preacher who was recently ousted from his (and my) UU congregation. Moderation and tolerance (when it comes to religion) are going to be healthy for this country and the rest of the planet.

  9. He's just mentioning the Enlightenment Ideal. This is controversial why?


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