Tuesday, April 21

We hate it when our friends become successful...

Except when they're amazingly talented friends like Andy Cobb, whose comedy youtube




It can happen.

That said, one of my favorite Twitter follows is Hugh MacLeod/Gaping Void, author of the upcoming book (I know, I know) Ignore Everybody, who argues that it's better for your art if your art is NOT the source of your income. In other words, keep your day job. Or get one if you can.

And, more to the point of Andy Cobb and Countdown, Hugh argues that "waiting to be discovered" also clouds your creativity and weakens the result of your work. I know Andy well enough to know he's pinching himself to bruises over this appearance. Totally unexpected delight makes all the work he's put into his videos (in order to entertain himself and those of us like him) worth every accolade.

As Gaping Void says, "The more talented somebody is, the less they need the props."

Yep, that's Andy. But here's some props anyhow. xo SO PROUD OF YOU.


  1. 'it's better for your art if your art is NOT the source of your income'Interesting theory, possibly rooted in the concept of using ideological purity as a disciplined method of obtaining a unique style.

    Of course, if one does one's art for a living, there is a risk of commercial corruption - but it is a subjective positioning that determines whether someone is 'selling out' or 'buying in'.

    Years of undesirability and wish sandwiches have a way of sweetening such vulgar temptation.


  2. As a woman with a novel in need of a publisher, I agree with Darkblack. I wouldn't even mind a little corrupting.

  3. Thanks much, Blue Gal!

    It's very nice to get some recognition from a show I enjoy so much (and in this case, a blog I enjoy so much). Although to those who might fear corrupting, I will say my big ol' Countdown checks haven't ruined me yet. Yet.

  4. i loved the video. i stuck it on my blog as soon as i saw it. when i saw it on countdown i clapped!

    as to corrupting...

    gods, please bring on the corruption(even a teeny one)

  5. congrats and good work Andy


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