Thursday, April 2

Proof that not all 'panties' are approved here at BG.

Bible Verse Tramp Stamp
[also wrong]. Thanks Tengrain and others for keeping me in the loop about the evil that his HK.


  1. It is the least I can do, Blue Gal, to share your love of all things "Hello Kitty."

    You know, the designer could have had some fun with the fly on that thing, but NOOOOOOO!



  2. 'Hello Kitty' boy panties...?

    What a world, what a world.


  3. mmmm.... nice bum. um, what was it we were talking about again? ;)

  4. i wonder if they come in multicolors

  5. I'm glad I never saw this when my girls were young and couldn't get enough Hello Kitty paraphernalia.

  6. Wow...Hello Kitty Manties...I really don't know what to say.

    I must admit I'm more taken aback by the biblical tramp stamp - that is just so wrong.

  7. Would these seriously be any better as *girl* panties? (**shudder**)

    Blue Gal, if you'd be willing to update me in your blogroll (I know! in all your spare time!) I've moved to Thanks much for whatever you can do.

    I was having some trouble with a seriously creepy misogynist commenter, and Wordpress will let me block him. The fact that I can make my flower pictures into my header is a pure bonus. (I promise not to feature HK in the header - EVER.)

  8. What's wrong with his back? Beyond scoliosis.

  9. BG- I thought of you the other day when watching Simpson's with my children I saw Lisa Simpson quit smoking using Hello Kitty nicotine patches.


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