Sunday, August 23

2,300th Post

Took the ten-year-old to his first comic book convention today. OMG. I suspect do not have to worry about drugs when he's a teenager, unless you consider fantasies related to time travel, alien races, and bodacious heroines to be a drug.

I was reminded at church this morning that we must consider our fellow humans to be children of God. I said a prayer not for today's Michelle Malkin, but for the Michelle Malkin of 25 years from now, when the botox and right wing devotion is no longer enough, for her or her audience. Maybe she'll find out then how merciful God is. Maybe we all will. Amen.


  1. 2,300 Post congrats.
    I think I will need to stop by now and then to see what a Blue Gal? I'm now curious.

  2. Typo; Posts not post
    Missing word: is

  3. That's a lotta fucking posts! w00t!!

  4. Ah, one of those prolifically contentious bloggers. I've heard of that.
    Of course, the conventional wisdom is that those activist types will eventually be swallowed up by Big Orange BlogiSatan and the like, so they should just resign themselves to their pernicious fate and post the occasional foodie blog instead.


    All kidding aside, congratulations on the milestone in the service of what's good and right, BG.
    May what's to come flow easier than what has passed.

    Yeah, comic books are a great portal for the imagination, one of my favorites for sure - but parents always have to worry about drugs, the culture of personal irresponsibility is just too large now.

    As foe Michelle Malkin - God forgives, I don't.
    Jesse's girl made it onto the etched-in-stone shitlist when she name-checked me directly, and now she must dance the pavane of the assclowns forever.


  5. 2300 is some sort of anniversary like gold or pearls or oil wells


  6. Congratulations, BG! Running such a marathon is impressive all by itself, but doing it while constantly upping your game is really something special.

  7. Congratulations! That is amazing.

  8. As the proud owner of a 15 y/o with tendencies not-unlike those of your 10 y/o, the mind-altering substance of choice is still reading SF/Fantasy novels, as it has been since he picked up "A Wrinkle in Time" as the first chapter book he read himself at age 8.

    It's not that you never have to worry. It's that if you've done your job right, they get the brains to make credible decisions, and that's the best we ever hope for, eh?

  9. The first 2,300 are the hardest, they say.

    Congrats, BG - and that's good news on the comics. Just look at how well Zaius and I turned out.

    Or not.



    PS - you are kinder than I am to Malkkkin. I'm thinking in 25 years she'll be handing out speculums and selling dollar peeks on the mean streets of LA.

  10. congrats on the posts! ; )


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