Thursday, August 6

A caveat for those who visit the comment threads of the big blogs...

They're everywhere. Especially watch out for trollz who insist that you read Michelle Malkin's book before you judge it. She didn't let Barack Obama serve in office before she wrote it, so really I don't see the point.

I did watch her appearance on The View until I barfed, about 70 seconds in. Her argument that hey, "George W. Bush is no longer President" is really convenient for her, and since no one on the show countered with "yeah, but he's still a war criminal" I didn't watch any further.

To repeat: She must have written or at least conceived of this book before January of this year. Apart from the complete intellectual dishonesty that she could judge or analyze this administration so clearly six months in, the timing of her book proves that she banked, personally and professionally, on McCain/Palin losing the election, which makes her a traitor to her Party and cause and the alleged nation she holds dear, period.

Also, I'm done talking about her.


  1. geek_guy6:46 AM

    Doesn't she know that one isn't supposed to judge a President till after Sept 12 of the first year? Anything that happens before that is the previous president's fault, unless it's the first WTC bombing.

  2. Thanks for a great post, Blue Gal. I especially liked that idea that she's a traitor to her Party and cause. Makes sense.

  3. 70 seconds? You beat me by 10 sec. Malkin is totaly gone, out of it, lost in her own rhetoric.

  4. i dont know how joy behar restrained herself.

    and BG, malkin's book does have some redeeming qualities --- if you happen to get a hold of one, it is EXCELLENT for picking up dog poo ----

  5. I commend you for making it 70 seconds. I can never take her live for 5, those crazy eyes betraying on sight the nutbag about to spew from her mouth.

    Nice point on the party traitor too.

  6. I, too, prefer to ignore Malkin. I view the whole grading Obama after 6 months in office as part of the continuing McDonaldization of America (and the world). Everyone wants/expects instant results when the reality is that no matter who's in office there's always a time lag, often a fairly lengthy one, between new policies being instituted and the consequences of those policies. Example: all the naysayers claiming the stimulus package hasn't worked when in many cases the funds haven't even been disbursed. I know the federal agency I work for got handed a lot of funds to award to state agencies and nonprofits for use in public health projects, but we're still reviewing applications -- the actual funds won't be disbursed for a couple more weeks. How can anyone judge how successful a program is before it's even started? (Rhetorical question -- I know the Repugs are experts at doing exactly that, which is why Obama's healthcare plan is a failure before it's even been drafted.)

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  8. I too was wondering just today about the timing of this book. I don't know of anyone that can write a book about the socio-political atmosphere which we live in ( even if they make everything up ) that can be assembled in even a moderately coherant fashion, edited, printed, marketed, and released within 6 months of a new presidency. That is, unless she was working on this last summer. And I also don't buy into the #1 on the NYT Best Seller list schtick either. Check this out:

  9. She's a "C-word," and I don't mean "Conservative."

    Her self-loathing is palpable.


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