Sunday, August 30

Liz Cheney Plays Streisand?

Original poster here. And in pre-production: "On a Clear Day You Can See the US and its Media Elite Taking a Big Runny Shit on International Law and All That Is Moral, Again."

Because let's face it. You didn't even need to watch Liz Cheney ON THE PANEL of ABC's This Week this morning, to know for a bonafide fact that her daddy is not going to court or jail or anything. He's poisoned any possible US jury pool, the Western international community doesn't have the money or the will to prosecute, and the only Arab nations who could afford it are the Saudis and Abu Dhabi. At least some of the Gitmo-ers are there because of Saudi intelligence. And Abu Dhabi is busy investing in US kids movies in Hollywood.

If Cheney goes to jail for anything that happened in Iraq or Guantanamo, then Kissinger has to go to jail for what happened in Chile and Cambodia. And the biggest issue, really, is that the messy unearthing of anything bordering "truth" would just fuck up Sally Quinn's dinner parties forever.

The sad fact is, the Washington beltway media is against any kind of accountability for Bush/Cheney, and the West, in its self-centered move-along world, finds it's too much trouble.

And George Stephanopoulos may go to Hell for framing the "question" about torture, not, "WHO SHOULD BE PUNISHED FOR BREAKING THE GENEVA CONVENTION?" exactly because the answer's daughter is sitting three chairs down. Instead he asks HER question: "DID IT WORK?" which in terms of what "might have happened if we didn't" we will never know.

Go to Hell, George. And tell yourself Sally's canapes are worth it.


  1. Sad, but true.

    I was watching The Lizard today on This Weak and wondering why the heck ABC thinks that she has any qualifications to opine on any matter of law, domestic or international. Not to mention the obvious conflict of interest and attached bias. And also not to mention the rudeness, interrupting other speakers and dominating the conversation with pure nonsense.

    Small wonder that America is going down the tubes what with the shabby job the media does of covering critical issues.

  2. hmmm...I'm not so sure...a group of Chilean exiles in Canada managed to convince a Spanish judge to issue a warrant for the arrest and prosecution of General Augusto Pinochet. (No doubt you recall that he was the President of Chile, set up in power by Nixon, Kissinger and CIA along with a cabal of Chilean military thugs).

    When Pinochet visited the U.K., he forgot that Britain was a conscientious respecter of international least Britain WAS...way back then....before Iraq.

    British authorities arrested Pinochet under the Spanish/European warrant and he was held under house arrest for 18 months. He escaped conviction only by feigning illness and the British cabinet released him after Margaret Thatcher ranted and raved about persecuting a sick old man. Sick? yes. Old? yes. Guilty? yes.

    Word has it that Rumsfeld escaped arrest in France only by getting a special travel permit from the U.S. Embassay there.

    Stay tuned for more developments along these lines down the road.

    Cheney and company may not go to trial in the U.S., but about the only countries they'll be able to visit in future will be Liberia and possibly Saudi Arabia, where their friends maintain facilities for guests of dubious repute.

  3. Nice reporting, BG!

    It's a lot easier to understand the arrogance of the coverage of the ignorant and unintelligible on national news if you first understand how they all benefitted from the 9/11 "attack."

    Every single participant in this media obfuscation.



    The sad fact is, the Washington beltway media is against any kind of accountability for Bush/Cheney, and the West, in its self-centered move-along world, finds it's too much trouble.


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