Tuesday, August 11

It's about time someone said this.

Keith Olbermann to Sarah Palin last night:

And incidentally, Madam, you have forfeited your right to be taken seriously the next time you claim offense at somebody mentioning your children. You have just exploited your youngest child, dangled him in front of a mindless mob as surely as if you were Michael Jackson. You have used this innocent infant as an excuse to pander to the worst and least of us in this nation. You have used him to create the false image of 'death panels.'

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  1. Absolutly!! although I could have done without the Witches Coven annology.. as most of the Witches I know, myself included are Democrats who thank the Goddess every day for President Obama.

  2. *Applauds* ~ A powerful and appropriate analogy.

    Sarah: You do have a special needs baby. Now that you quit your job, please STFU & go take care of his special needs, and your unwed daughter and her infant baby, and your two other young daughters.

    Ooops! Did Sarah P lose HER posh health care policy when she quit her job???

    She may be in deep shit now.

    Suddenly- will we see her carrying a

  3. i loved this.

    i think we need to just forget bipartisan and move forward.

  4. One of Keith's best and as you said, it's about damn time. Talk about covering the issue from top to bottom. If that doesn't open some eyes then people deserve what the hell they get... a ridiculous Sarah Palin and the horseshit she stands for.

    Bravo, Olbermann!

  5. At least we have Olbermann and Maddow. Not enough honest voices, but at least we have them.

  6. Anonymous10:24 PM

    There's stupod and then there's REPUBLIKLAN Stupid.

    Please sign these health care petitions




  7. Olbermann is good, but keerist almitey, he's fucking LONGWINDED!!!

  8. I love Olbermanns' rants. Way way better than that shithead Dennis Miller's rants!


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