Thursday, August 13

Message to a neighboring state.

Hey Iowans, your next 885 days are gonna be nothin' but Huckabee, Mitt Romney, and lil' Ricky Santorum invading your farms and homesteads. Now's the time to decide that Sarah Palin's fake euthanasia death panels are a good idea after all.


An important PS:

It's been brought to my attention that school systems around the country are reporting poor kids coming to school without clean underwear. Seriously. As panties queen of the blogs, I encourage you to donate new package of kids' underwear to your local children's charity. I did.


  1. If Mitt Romney brought clean underwear for the kids, do you suppose they might beMagic Underpants?

  2. i hate to say this, but i'm about to give up on health care reform. we are the united states of same or worse, and when and if some semblance of a bill ever passes through congress, it will garner all the respect we currently reserve for bush's plan d.

    this morning, at the local eatery where i often do breakfast, three of the locals, two women and a guy, all on ss and medicare paused to chat with another guy who brought up all the silly talking points we've been hearing lately, and there was much serious nodding agreement and twitching of lips, and all of it centered around so-called facts, some of them on page such and such of the thousand pages in that "bill."

    these are not ignorant people in other areas of their lives, but allow themselves to be swayed by councils of fear and sabotage to a degree they would never permit in their finances, or some change in their religion, or, most especially, their taxes. always the taxes, as if any among this group were even filing nowadays.

    did i say i am myself afraid? days like this i'm scared shitless. these folks don't belong to any militia, and i'm guessing that they even voted a straight democrat ticket. back then the choice was simple: what to do to get rid of the damage from the previous administration. many of them wanted mccain/palin, so extreme was their revulsion for the past. others, who voted for obama, were willing to set aside their prejudice until a later time, themselves blinded by the possibility of genuine change.

    their attitudes now are probably racist, but how did we ever let racism become a dividing factor for something that has such importance, crucial importance, to all of us?

    i wonder if they would feel so vehement and charged up about all this if the crowds we're seeing over and over on tv were much younger, rebellious teens, perhaps, or peaceniks. my bet is they wouldn't give any of it a second glance.

    i realize i'm not saying anything unique here, but there are times i truly believe there are no fools like us old fools. god help us. we don't seem to know how to help ourselves.

  3. There are plenty of simpletons out there in that cornfield that any nutter can have a reasonable size audience.

    Stir 'em up with a bit of religion and they'll come from the next county.

  4. So I was on Sarah Palin's fan page, because it has been making so much news lately. I posted a couple of nice polite links to for her fans to read. Then I was blocked.

    Who is trying to shut down the debate here?

    Of course, they allow the screamers to post whatever they want.


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