Tuesday, September 1

No Memory Hole for you, Senator Grassley!

I know this was waaaay back in early July, but don't think we're ever going to forget that your solution to the constituent who wanted the same health insurance you have was to become an employee of the Federal Government:

Got your resume ready, Senator? You're gonna need it when the voters of Iowa fire you next year. Be sure to put "back-stabbing SOB" on your list of accomplishments while in office.

And sure, you're seventy-five, and you could just go on Medicare, but that's government-run healthcare and you've said you'd fight that even when you were apparently working on a bi-partisan plan FOR it. So you'll need another Federal Job to keep the health insurance you've got.

I looked up Federal Jobs in Iowa and there are three options: FDIC, which is banking and finance and other stuff you have no experience in. Let's face it, nobody's hiring fifty-five year olds in the banking industry, so I think a seventy-five year old is probably outta luck.

They're also hiring in the Veteran's Affairs office but you've got two strikes against you on that application: one, you're not a veteran, and two, veterans hate you. Disabled American Veterans rated you third from the bottom in the Senate. Don't mention that in the interview.

That leaves the National Guard. Hey, maybe if you become a MEMBER of Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America you can, after the fact, bump your voting grade above that "D" they currently give you.

I wonder what kind of health insurance the Deputy Sheriff of Ames has. You should wonder too, Senator:


  1. Like they say in Hollywood Shuffle, "there are always jobs at the post office." I found openings for rural carriers in Dubuque, Mt. Pleasant, and a few other areas.

    I'm sure Chuck will be just fine.

  2. He gets to keep his health insurance... forever.. as a former member of Congress... even if he's voted out...

    I love it when the haves preach to the have nots.. It's always so awesomely stupid and filled with mistakes and errors.

  3. You're hot tonight, BG!!!

    And I vote for number 3, but we all know that the fun of seeing the old white Rethugs pretend to understand complex issues and empathize with the lower classes comes when someone mentions that they will in no way be personally affected by any of their heartfelt solutions.

    Every politico immediately receives all the benefits of being connected to the ruling party like lifetime health care, insurance, et al., that ensures they will never face the life-changing decisions that must be made on a daily basis by most of the people they represent.

    Representative government.



  4. I have a special contempt for GrASSley.

  5. As the joke said that went around when Grassley was first elected to the Senate: Q: What state has a dumber Senator than Roger Jepsen? A: Iowa.

    Google Jepsen if you don't get the joke.

  6. Grassley is bought and paid for by the HMOs, plain and simple.


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