Tuesday, September 8

Whatever you do to Michele Bachmann...

...don't let them Palinize her....

...she might become President.

Don't Palinize her? I guess becoming a verb is a positive goal for the former Governor of Alaska. But then again, it automatically begs the definition, my version of which seemed rather popular amongst the Twitterati:

Bachmannize (v.) - to expose one's abandonment of all reason and intelligence in the name of wingnut ideology.

She claims I and other Democrats want to sabotage her? Oh honey. Are you KIDDING me?

I'm actually with Wonkette on this one: if Michele Bachmann wants to charge a day-fee for each time she opens her mouth, I'll buy the next three years up-front.

I'll send five bucks to her 2012 exploratory committee just to be on the mailing list. I swear.

I'll even dump any presidential-run hopes for Rick Santorum (now there's a dictionary word for ya) if only you'll announce, Congresswoman. You've now got that in writing. Love, Blue Gal

Original fabulous lesbian pulp fiction cover (I put Sarah in her t-shirt because I didn't think that subtext really added anything, ya know) here.


  1. If we're not careful, this word paucity will be the end of her. MY unabridged dictionary says:
    Bachmannize (v.)
    1. to expose one's lack of all reason and intelligence through wingnuttery; i.e., demonstrate ignorance of one's ignorance.
    2.FAIL (v.) [trans.] be unsuccessful in
    PHRASES Epic Fail
    3. FUBAR (v.) Fuck Up Beyond All Recognition
    ANTONYM succeed

  2. I agree -- I love Michelle Bachmann! Just when I'm starting to feel bad, thinking I might be exaggerating the right, she's there to remind me that's probably not possible right now. She's Sarah Palin for people who think Palin is too elitist, reality-based, and liberal. Whenever I'm feeling down, the thought of "Palin/Bachmann 2012" always cheers me up. It would be the wackiest show since Cheech and Chong broke up.


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