Tuesday, September 22

93 days until Christmas? Shut UP.

Seriously, I'm getting Christmas catalogs in the mail. And I'm telling my kids NO WE CANNOT PUT OUT HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS UNTIL COLUMBUS DAY.

Photo from the "ugly sweater project" pool on Flickr, most of which are Christmas sweaters, natch.


  1. 73 days until Zappadan.

  2. Oh sure... Blue gal had to fire the first shot across O'Reilly's loofah sponge in the war on Xstmas.

  3. House rules are we don't even talk about Halloween costumes before September, and I won't hear a word about Christmas desires until after Halloween! Who are these people who want holiday stuff 2 months early? Are they the same people buying shorts and swim suits in January?

  4. seriously. i don't really 'do' holidays anyway- but we celebrate thanksgiving and i hand out some candy to the 4 kids who show up at my house for halloween. but i don't decorate- except for the winter solstice season- and that's not before the first of december. i went to target today and hand to god- they have cmas trees displayed already. sigh.

  5. Ha! Nice post, and nice jumper. :-)

    By the way, you can always get the latest countdown to Christmas at http://www.thewonderofchristmas.com/

    I think the hype starts way too early too! :-)

  6. Slice up the fruitcake;
    It's time we hung some tinsel on that evergreen bough.
    For we need a little music,
    Need a little laughter,
    Need a little singing
    Ringing through the rafter,
    And we need a little snappy
    "Happy ever after,"
    Need a little Christmas now.
    Need a little Christmas now.

  7. That sweater is why I tell people I don't want stuff. Ok, nice soap, some gift cards to book stores. That's about it.

  8. I'm shocked...Shocked! at this countersurge in Christmas spirit.


  9. Anonymous3:58 AM

    Does the guy in the sweater look like he is in some sort of x-mas superhero pose to anyone else? That's what "the war on Chirstmas" was missing, superheroes!


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