Tuesday, September 8

Stuff my kids say

There's a very funny and popular Twitter account called Shitmydadsays. Whether it's a real dad or made up it's very well-written and you WILL laugh your butt off.

I'm thinking I may need to start a 'stuff my kids say' hashtag:

10 yo: "Mom, we have five billion years until the sun burns out. We'd better use those five billion years wisely."

5 yo: "Mom, whatever you do, don't stick your hair in the toilet."

7 yo: "Mom, can we get...[many attempts at pronounciation] mistletoe? I want to kiss somebody."

5 yo, when a guest sat too close to the paper and crayons: "Don't ruin my art!"

10 yo again: "Mom, you have NO IDEA what I put up with from living with those two sisters of mine."


  1. The ShitMyDad says twitter account is real. The guy who runs it is 27 or 28 and had to move back in with his parents. I believe he was formerly in journalism.

    He's apparently been offered a book based on the idioms his father provides - constantly.

    Just thought you'd like to know...

  2. So tonight I posted a song I wrote for my dad. The good news is a separated the good from the bad. I hope my son does the same, pretty soon we'll have a decent human being. HA.


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